A Great Catcher

A Great Catcher

By Pastor Paula Burchill

At Holy Yoga yesterday, our teacher Michelle cited the verse in I Peter:  Cast your burdens on Jesus, for he cares for you.  Then she told us to throw whatever worries or struggles we are having to Jesus because he is a really good catcher.

Maybe it is because baseball season has started, but I just have really been enjoying that image of Jesus as a good catcher.  I’m NOT a good thrower.  I never really learned to throw accurately, nor very far, but I’m also not a metaphorically good thrower.  I like to hang on to my struggles and fears.  And I think this is true for a lot of us.

But what if we just hurl them away and know they will be caught and cared for and guarded and that we can just be free?  What if we took our hands that so tightly grasp our worries and opened them up and just let go?  What if we knew what a good catcher Jesus really is?

I want to encourage you today, to take a moment and close your eyes and picture Jesus in full-on catcher gear.  Lacing up the leg pads, pulling down the mask, not letting anything get by.  And then just cast or hurl or throw what you’ve been hanging onto and watch him work.  He was willing to use his whole body to catch our sin as he took it with him to the cross.  And you will never see a better catcher!

That’s the image I’m thinking about in Lent today.  I pray it would give you comfort, joy and peace.

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