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Earlier this week, Pastor Paula wrote a blog post about choosing a word for the year.  Instead of making a resolution, she chooses a word, like hope, or thankful, or this year, pause.  PAUSE is a great word to segue to what we hope will feed your spirit this new year.

This Sunday’s Beacon will feature the same graphic you see above,  THIS IS THE YEAR…, followed by some ways you might choose to connect to a deeper life of faith in 2019.  So whether your diet or exercise program is going strong or you ate 3 donuts and skipped the gym, take a moment here, draw a deep breath, PAUSE, and consider where God’s Holy Spirit may be leading you to feed the most important parts of your life.

Now, consider one way this might be the year for you to connect in COMMUNITY, to DEEPER FAITH, with FAMILY, or through SERVICE.  Let’s take a few examples in each area…

IN COMMUNITY – one of the best ways to deepen your faith this year is to engage in a small group.  Starting in February, there will be a number of small groups starting that range from interest in books to hiking to stages of life to geographical location, and we would love for everyone to get connected in this way.  Another way is to connect with Holy Yoga, which meets every Wednesday and is truly for all levels of fitness.  Or maybe you can offer your gifts in leadership for an event,  or ongoing ministry.   Contact for ways you might be able to plug in this year.

TO DEEPER FAITH – the hope is that anything here would lead you to a deeper faith, but here are a few ideas for how you might engage in 2019.  ALPHA is a great place to ask the basic questions of faith, especially for someone who is new to Christianity or returning to the church.  This weekly Sunday class and small group just launched last week, but it’s not too late to join in, or invite a neighbor or a friend.  Pastor Bill is also exploring some of the deepest questions of faith and life in his weekly Sunday morning class.  Don’t miss out on these engaging topics. Leadership in worship can give a whole new perspective on your Sunday experience.  We have increasing ways to share or hone your musical skills, and worship leaders of all ages are needed each week at both services.

WITH FAMILY –  whether your marriage is like a daily Disney movie ending or has had a few bumps along the way, all life long partnerships will benefit from The Marriage Course.  Plus you get a great meal and free childcare.  Is this the year to strengthen your relationship?  Or maybe this is the year to take time as a family, and what better way than to practice the original face (to face) time at our next Family Night at the end of this month.  Or, as your kids grow, maybe this is the year to get them involved in Youth Nights, every Wednesday for youth in grades 6-12.

THROUGH SERVICE – some of the best connections with our spouse, our family, and our community happen when we serve God together, and there are a number of ways you can make this the year to serve.  Get in on the very first year of the All Church Service Trip to Hoquiam.  This trip is for any age and will happen over the May 4th-5th weekend.  High school youth can make this the year to serve with the only repeat trip we’ve taken in the last 11 years (it’s that good).  We will once again connect with the Blackfeet tribe in Montana in July.  And there are all kinds of other ways to make this the year to serve.  Ride for Refugees, Community BBQ, Hearty Meals, and much more.

So hit PAUSE, breath, reflect, and be led to connect in these or other ways to strengthen your faith and the faith of those around you.  Because, THIS IS THE YEAR!


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