A Word for the Year


By Pastor Paula Burchill

Instead of New Year’s resolutions, I like to choose a word to be my sort of “theme” for the year.  I have chosen trust and enjoy the past couple of years.  I put the word in a prominent place—like my refrigerator—and then try and see the word as a reminder of something I want more of in my life.  Like trusting God or enjoying my life.

This year, I was out for a walk and I wondered what my word might be for 2019—but before I could even finish that thought, I heard the word PAUSE.  My word doesn’t always come so easily, so I was thankful.  Though it is an interesting word.

On the surface, for someone who likes to be busy, I’m taking this as an invitation to slow down.  To pause and enjoy what is happening, rather than crossing another thing off my list so I can move on to the next thing.  To pause is to stop.

But I think pausing might also be about noticing.  When you pause a song or a show you’re watching, it is because something or someone else needs your attention.  So I am thinking that I have to work on noticing when I might need to pause.  Do I need to pause binge watching TV and go for a walk with my husband?  Do I need to shut off the radio sometimes so I can pause and just sit with my thoughts?  Do I need to pause when I’m busy and in “to do” mode and sit and play a game with one of my kids?

I encourage you to choose a theme word for 2019.  Take a moment—pause—and say a prayer.  Ask God to let you know, or ask a friend, or just think about what your goals are and is there one word that might help you sum them up?  I have found it a really good alternative to resolutions, which just seem to make me feel guilty.

Happy 2019 and God’s blessings.  I hope you can take a moment, pause, and enjoy those blessings.

2 responses to “A Word for the Year

  1. I love the notion of pausing! Sometimes it helps to pause before speaking and think about the effect your words might have. I’m going to try to embrace that idea this year, meanwhile, giving pause to consider a word for myself! Thanks for your inspiration.

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