A Short Big Reminder

One of the central stories in the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) is where the Hebrews are set free from slavery in Egypt, known as the Exodus.  Do you know why God freed God’s people?  There are lots of reasons that make sense: God doesn’t like it when human beings are oppressed. That is for sure.  God wants all people to thrive and have a meaningful life. No Doubt.  God needed to free the people to continue fulfilling the promise to Abraham and Sarah.  This is for sure.  It was all part of God’s master plan. Ok, I’ll go with that reason too.  However, in Exodus 10:3 Moses and Aaron tell Pharaoh in precise terms not only to let the people go but the reason he wanted them free.  Why did God free his people?  Simple.  “So that they may worship me.”

When we worship, we encounter our Lord via tworship_banner2he Word and Sacraments.  We are strengthened in our faith and reconnected to the Body of Christ.  We find fulfillment and joy.  We find peace.  We receive grace. Indeed, there are a myriad of good reasons we come to worship.  Nevertheless, please don’t forget that the primary reason we get up on Sunday mornings and head to the sanctuary is that God loves it when we commune with Him — when we praise Him and when we listen to His word.  God freed the Hebrews so they could worship.  God continues set us free from sin, death, and the devil through Christ Jesus so we can worship.  So maybe next time you come to worship, think not of what it will do for you but what it will do for God!


One response to “A Short Big Reminder

  1. I know God is pleased whenever … and where ever… we communicate with Him. Even “shorties” … like “Lord, help whoever that siren is meant for”.

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