My Brother

By Pastor Paula Burchill

My brother and I disagree on almost everything when it comes to politics.  And sometimes I am ashamed of how judgmental I can be of his opinions.  It’s like when he starts to talk, my heart rate soars and I get angry and I want to scream in self-righteousness.  And believe me, I’m a stuffer, not a screamer.

I know that we are not alone in being part of a family where there are wide disagreements in politics.  We were raised in the same house by the same parents, we even went to the same college—so how can we be so different?

How we usually handle our differences is to, as I inferred earlier, stuff them.  We just don’t talk about it.  But for some reason, it has been harder to do that this year.  Maybe it is because the whole world seems extra-politicized, extra-disagreeable, extra-angry, extra-self-righteous.

When Jesus talked to a self-righteous crowd, he told them they better take a look at the log in their own eye before they started to point out the specks in someone else’s eye.

So here is what I am praying:  God, make me humble.  You love humble hearts.  Help me to look at my brother and see a man who loves you and wants what is best for your children and your world just like I do.  Help me to really believe that.  Make me humble.  And then fill me with love.  Please, Lord.  Amen.

It is starting to help.  Because the truth is that more than I love any politician or cause I believe in, I love my brother.

I love my brother.  May we all focus on that love for each other, our sisters and our brothers.


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