Advent Connects

The season of Advent is awesome.  It is pastoral. It exemplifies what faith is.  It names the advent-2reality of our Christian walk.  Advent is a season where we celebrate what is and what is yet to be.  Advent proclaims that we are an in between people, always living in the tension between what God has done and what God will do.  So we prepare to celebrate the Incarnation, the Word made flesh, the birth of Christ our Lord but we also look forward to when Jesus comes again to finish what was begun in the first event.  We celebrate that God in Christ is with us through Word and Sacrament but at the same time we acknowledge that Christ is not with us as he was 2000 years ago or how he will be when he comes again. We are indeed an in between people, walking in faith and living in the tension of the already and not yet.  In Advent we don’t deny this adventtension or the struggle to keep believing and hoping but rather we embrace the push and pull.  In this season we get real and admit that right now faith is often like “seeing through a mirror dimly.” (I Corinthians 13:12)  This is life between the already and not yet.  Do you struggle to cling to Christ and trust in him?  Advent is your season.  I know I’m at home here.

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