Remember the Women

remember the women

By Pastor Paula Burchill

I was struck on Easter this year about how we got from the darkness of Good Friday, to an empty tomb and women who ran away terrified to a sanctuary filled with flowers and people singing hymns to Jesus on Easter Sunday, almost 2000 years later, in Silverdale, WA.  When I preached from Acts 1 and Jesus’ promise of sending his spirit last week, I wrote this poem to express my awe of how Jesus’ spirit has changed the world.

                Remember the Women?

They were the last to remain at the cross

Their grief…it must have been paralyzing

How can a mother watch her son die like that and still survive?

And yet they did

Going through the motions

They did what you did after someone died

They went to wash his body

To anoint him again with spices

Holding each other up

Women’s work

But when they got there—–he was not there

A being—arrayed in white…told them, he is gone

Just like he told you

He told us?

But we saw him

Nails, spear pierced him through

The being told them, Jesus has gone ahead of you to Jerusalem

Tell the disciples.  And Peter

But they were so scared.  So very, very scared

Their world was flipped

Seeing the light of the world die like that

Hopes dashed


So they ran away….terrified

But Jesus was there.  Already there

He met them.  He did what he promised

He appeared to them and when he ascended to heaven, he left them his spirit

His Spirit?

When they shared the meal—they were filled

When they remembered his word—they were filled

When they forgave Peter and John and each other for leaving, for disappointing, for denying—they were filled

And when they were filled with the Spirit, the Spirit flowed out of them

From Jerusalem into Judea, and Samaria and to all the ends of the earth

To Bergen and Beijing, Nairobi and Nicaragua, Sidney and Silverdale

Remember the women?

They are why YOU are here

They were terrified, then filled, then sent

You too

You terrified ones.  You, too, are filled with the Spirit.  You too are sent

Just like Jesus told you


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