Learnings from Lent Series

AloneThought it would be good to share a reflection from one of our participants in the small group time during our Lenten Wednesday evening gatherings.  This reflection (used with permission) is from an email sent to me after the 2nd Wednesday -the theme for that night was “Save us from the Temptation to Withdraw.”   I know it will be edifying and I hope it will encourage you to attend our one remaining Lenten Wednesday Soup Supper/Worship/Discussion gathering!  Pastor Bill

What a wonderful discussion last night.  We had great comments on the questions and openness in sharing our thoughts and concerns.Aha Moment


I was reading the devotional in the CS Lewis booklet from yesterday, only a day late, and had an ah-ha moment based on John 3:16.

“God’s love is part of God’s nature, and God has no need to encourage himself or somehow prod his love into action.  Though God invites our worship, he does so not because he needs it but because he knows that it is good for us.” I realized that when we were talking about the temptation to withdraw, that God knows what we need…he knows what is good imagesfor us.  He calls us into community because he knows that this is good for us.  We don’t always recognize that.  We sometimes think that it’s all up to us.  But it isn’t.  It’s God’s endearing love that draws us to him and hence, draws us to others.

Thanks for listening.

Grace and peace for the day,

Cindy Dodge


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