Humble but Good to Celebrate

Recently the Pew research folks published lots of findings relating to religion and Christianity in America.  I noted in the sermon yesterday that ELCA congregations have one of the highest percentages of “medium” commitment folks and one of the lowest percentages of “high” level commitment people.  The Pew study had criteria for their “low, medium, and high” levels and you can check out the study here.  I mention it because of a comment I received from someone leaving worship: “Pastor, I think the reason we didn’t have more in the high level is because we are so humble and don’t like to toot our own horn.” I found myself thinking, “You know, there is probably a lot of truth to that.”  We are rightfully cautious about lauding our efforts.  I found myself wondering about the difference between showing off and letting our light shine.  Isn’t there a time when it is good to celebrate who we are as a Toot our horncongregation?  Perhaps its ok to toot our horn if we make it clear as the Apostle Paul has, that everything we do is not us, but Christ in us, the Holy Spirit.

So forgive me, I want to celebrate SLC for a moment. Just this week we had volunteers making lunch for habitat workers, our Sunday School kids and youth put together over 20 thanksgiving meal baskets with donations from SLC members, our Family Night folks put together Advent logs and took them out to some of our older and limited mobility members, and our Hearty Meal workers provided a full Thanksgiving feast for people in need in our community.  That is just this week!  I could go on to mention the 30 or so people at the Lutheran Community Services fundraiser lunch, all the recent quilts and school kits we sent out via Lutheran World Relief and the donations received for the CK food bank and for backpacks for kids. Thanks be to God.


SLC Folks Providing Habitat Lunch

Yesterday in the Adult Sunday morning class we talked about our Christian

responsibilities when it comes to Economic life and care for the poor.  I really struggled leading the discussion because the issues we face are so complex.  Nevertheless, I’m thankful the Spirit is leading us at SLC to move into the world with compassion and care and I want to celebrate that high level commitment work!

I pray you all will have a blessed Thanksgiving.


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