Showing Up


Depending who you ask, showing up is between 90-99% of making something happen.  Despite a two hour flight delay, our host being hit on the freeway on his way to picking us up, and all the other loopy things that happen when you travel, we are here.  And we are showing up.

We will show up at urban worship tomorrow; we will show up at the park and the Stroll and the kids’ camp and everywhere else we go.  Showing up is different than arriving.  Arriving is more passive and more self centered – “Look at me, I have been carried to this place.”. Showing up is understanding someone was there before you came.  Showing up for us is knowing that that someone is Jesus, and he is alive in the people we can’t wait to meet.  Showing up is open and active, full of intent and open to possibility.  Yes we have arrived in Detroit, but pray for us as we seek to show up each and every day, seeking the will of a God who shows up in the most beautifully unexpected places.


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