Making the SIgn of the Cross

SLUG:  fo_juarez DATE: 04/19/2008 CREDIT: Sarah L. Voisin / TWP NEG NUMBER: 207367 LOCATION:  Ciudad Juarez, Mexico CAPTION:  In an effort to control drug related violence, the Mexican military has taken over the city of Juarez resulting in a major decrease in the murders.   PICTURED:  At San Lorenzo Church in Ciudad Juarez, people visit the chapel to leave their wishes on a bulletin board.  Some of the people have left prayers for peace for Juarez and one woman hoped her son would be able to stop using drugs.  Luis Roberto Gonzalez, cq, 10, makes the sign of the cross after lighting a candle.  StaffPhoto imported to Merlin on  Mon Apr 20 12:17:01 2009

A member of SLC shared a blog post that really helped her when it comes to feeling comfortable in making the sign of the cross when she worships and in her personal life.  It is ok of course that people do not make the sign of the cross or are uncomfortable with it.  Making the sign of the cross is something we are free to do or not to do. However, I find it helpful and this article on why Dietrich Bonhoeffer (a German Lutheran Pastor who opposed Hitler during WWII) made the sign of the cross is a good explanation of why.  Click on the link below. Enjoy. PB


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