Self-Care: All or Nothing?

Wrote this article on my personal blog but thought it might be helpful and appropriate for SLC’s mission. Pastor Bill

The Tyranny of the Pendulum Swing

This pendulum swing is one I’ve seen often in my Call as a pastor.  Christians have all been taught that life with Jesus means we care for others and put their needs before ours.  This means the needs of our spouse, children, parents, friends, church, job, household, school, neighborhood, etc. come before our needs.  I’ve seen many amazing examples of selfless folks sincerely and devoutly following Christ.  However. the problem is that sometimes people in this selfless mode eventually burn out because they have ignored their own emotional, spiritual, and physical care. Jesus said we are to love Service and helpingGod and our neighboras our selves.  The three go together. Love of self by itself is narcissism but our love of neighbor is put forth by Jesus with the assumption that we will indeed love ourselves.  Here is the unfortunate swing I see: when folks run aground from the total lack of self-care they often…

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