Who Do You Know?

I recently read an article in Luther Seminary Magazine [my alma mater] about a church in Minnesota that boasts having 14 sons and daughters who have gone to Luther Seminary. They have made it a focus of their ministry to identify future leaders in the church.
That got me thinking. Who do you know at SLC who would be a good pastor?
I first felt called to the ministry in confirmation. We had an intern that I just loved and I thought if she can have so much fun being a pastor, maybe I want to do that someday. Thankfully, I was encouraged all through my adolescence to think about becoming a pastor.
Now this was not a career choice I openly spoke about—even in college and especially not on first dates. But all along, the Spirit was nudging me. You have the gifts for this. The church needs you. Finally, it was a pastor in college who told me, “Hey, you have been thinking about seminary for so long. Just go. You can always quit if you don’t like it.” That freed me to take the plunge.
I need to be better about encouraging people to think about seminary. Do you know someone who loves to study the bible? Who is comfortable talking to others about faith? Who you just have a feeling would make a good pastor?
Well, that is the Holy Spirit in you—and the Spirit wants you to say something.
As Lutherans, we believe our callings are both internal and external. It is important to feel called inside yourself. Not just to being a pastor—it could be to be a doctor, a teacher, a mother, an artist. The Spirit gives us nudges inside of us. But the call is also external. In other words, the Holy Spirit works through others to call us as well.
That is where we come in. I am going to challenge myself to say something to 2 people this year in whom I see gifts for ministry. Will you join me? The church needs leaders–of a variety of ages and personalities and gifts. Let’s listen for the Spirit!


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