Something Bigger

Last week in my sermon I told a story of being at an Easter egg hunt where a woman called Easter “the sweetest little holiday.” I’m still thinking about that. I’m thinking about how many of the people in our lives have no interest in church, God, faith, the real meaning of Easter.
I have also been thinking about what doubt is in Matthew. Matthew says that doubt is always a part of faith and that doubt occurs when you need to make a choice of what to believe.
One of my favorite Christmas movies is the re-make of “Miracle on 34th Street.” Every time the lawyer at the end gives the speech about the importance of believing in something, it makes me weep. Even though he is talking about Santa.
I love how the mom in the movie decides to stop believing that there is nothing to believe in. She puts aside doubt and decides she would rather risk a belief in something bigger and possibly be disappointed than believe in nothing—which has actually led to her living a life of disappointment.
I was thinking about this movie and sweet little Easter and why for me believing is so important.
I have doubts a lot of the time. But I just can’t imagine my life without believing in something larger than me. I choose to believe that I am not alone in this world. I choose to believe that Easter is more than bunnies. I choose to believe the Christmas is more than Santa.
A wise and faithful woman in my first parish once told me that they don’t often skip church because once you skip, it is just all that much easier to skip the next time. Essentially, I think she is saying that doubt creeps in before you know it.
And I also think that what she said shows how fragile faith is. How easy it is to think of Easter as a cute little holiday. How close to the edge of faith we all are. Doubt is always a part of faith. Are we all one skip away from finding that it is pretty easy to read the paper and drink coffee on Sunday morning, or to go for a hike instead of going to church?
When I think about that woman at the egg hunt, what I wish I could tell her is that Easter is about Jesus loving you so much. And that beautiful view and those beautiful kids, they are all gifts. And this life we live is so much more beautiful when we know we are not alone. When we are a part of a community that reminds each other we are not alone. And when we know that when we mess up there is forgiveness.
And I would tell her that even though I am often full of doubt, I choose to believe Easter is about the amazing love of God. Which is the sweetest thing ever!


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