Baptism Birthdays

We celebrated the anniversary of my daughter’s baptism last week and I wanted to share the traditions we have for celebrating “baptism birthdays.”
The child or adult gets to choose his or her favorite meal. We usually celebrate at the home of the godparents if possible. I don’t buy a gift for my child, but their godparents do. My son’s god mother has started to give him $10 for him to spend on himself and $10 to give away. She writes a card about how that is part of his calling as God’s child—to help others.
My other kids have also received small gifts that reflect a talent God has given them. For instance, one son got a book on baseball one year, since that is his favorite sport.
The best thing we do, though, is after dinner, we light the candle they received at their baptism [or often another candle, because we forgot it….] and then we go around the table and everyone shares something that they are thankful to God for about the person whose baptism birthday it is.
It has been fun to watch my kids mature. We used to hear “I like that she plays with me” or “he’s really nice” most every year. But they are starting to notice other gifts, like, “she is really good at making me laugh” or “I love how he notices when someone is hurting and goes to help.” And hopefully they are also learning in the process that these are blessings from God and that they have them because they are blessed to be a blessing to others.
When a child is baptized, adults make promises on their behalf. To bring them to church, to give them a bible and communion, teach them the Lord’s Prayer, Creed and 10 Commandments, and to teach them about faith and prayer so that they can be God’s disciples in the world. [I paraphrased…]
Remembering and honoring baptism birthdays can be a great way to keep those promises—and your kids will LOVE it! Now if we can just be better about also celebrating the baptism birthdays of the adults…..
I’d love to hear your traditions and pray for blessings on your journey of faith.


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