The wonderful guys at Ten Challenge


Alex has art in Arecibo (last name unknown)

Sorry the other blog didn’t post, but… Esta Bien!  Our last day and night here were powerful.  Kids clinging to our youth as they had to say goodbye, youth connecting with other kids their age in recovery, and men in recovery opening up about their stories.  Tears are shed as we truly see the image of God in others we can easily ignore.  Tonight was our closing footwashing, which is always a deep experience of prayer and sending to serve.  Exhausted are we, but inspired as well. 

Tomorrow we say our goodbyes to the great Youthworks staff, which will be hard as well.  You won’t believe their stories. 

We won’t be able to share all of this with you (you had to be there as they say), but if we can take the impact to heart, who we become may just reflect the presence of Christ we have been shown in these last days. 

Tomorrow some rain forest and then a much needed beach day on Saturday.  I will try to post more pics as well.


One response to “Adios

  1. PJ the stories will come out in your sermons, your smile and your demeanor!!! I am inspired.

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