This is how we do devotions in PR


Worship at 400°

2nd day and the stories are coming out from those we serve, or is it the other way around?  Maybe we’ll just say both.  At our site the men did our chores before we came so they had more time to talk and play with us.  And what stories!!  To stop and listen to someone is to practice the hospitality of Jesus.  They move us to tears.  We are working with men in treatment at Teen Challenge, Arecibo.  Down the street we got to see another group who is working with teenagers in treatment, playing games, laughing, and connecting.  Still another group is working with kids at camp, drinking in their creativity and energy as they work in spite of language barriers.  They will work with the elderly later in the week. 

We had devotions on the beach this AM and worship in a tiny but lively church with a broken air conditioner but a holy spirit.  Good is good. 

This one is getting deep fast, but our thoughtful and caring kids and chaperones are taking it in stride.  They are doing so well! 


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