Ready or not, the Milestone Moments Come… by Pastor Bill

“Ready or not here I come!” I remember those words fondly.  They served as the starting gun for hide and seek and brought excitement and a rush of adrenaline.   As my youngest girl graduated from high school I thought about those old words from childhood:  “Ready or not…”   Ready or not time flies and we run into the milestone moments. It’s the first day of kindergarten and before you know it your kid is driving and soon afterwards, a graduate and on to college or work.  The proverbial “empty nest” arrives. These are awesome moments to be treasured and enjoyed.  At each one I’ve tried to be as present as possible, with varying degrees of success—to soak them in and give thanks for all God has done in our lives and in the lives of our children.  It’s not easy though because there is a part of you that is totally unnerved by these moments as they bring to fore front that you are getting older and your child is, well, no longer a child, not even a youth, a young woman!   So I guess it’s all a matter of how you frame those wonderful and terrifying milestone moments. Yes, they do bring home the reality that life is finite but they are also a great gift— a gift that humbles us and places us totally at the mercy of God. Those moments remind us that the goal of parenting is not to hold but to let go and send out.  God took the risk in creating us and turning us lose and calls us to do the same (But thankfully not all at once!).  With the Lord’s help may we embrace the milestone moments!  Face them square on and trust that God is at work in our lives and in our children.  Let the adrenaline flow.  Give thanks to Christ who has us in his grip.  Ready or not, here they come.  What a joy.  What a ride!  What a gift.


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