Esta Bien

Once again, you have to be here to see it, literally. Because of the work we are doing with sensitive populations, including foster children and those in recovery, we cannot post pictures of the work we are doing. Please know that it is indeed God’s work and our hands.

The title of this blog is “esta bien” because that is our theme and mantra for this trip. Part of that is about having the right attitude when things are challenging, when things go wrong, or when things come up we don’t expect. Our devotion on the first night focused on looking honestly at how we see the world. Is it mal – something bad to be avoided and escaped? Is it nada importante – bad Spanish here, but basically is the world just a random accident and life has no meaning? Or is this world bien – good and beautiful and the action of a loving creator? Is it worth the effort? We say, by our presence here, “Esta bien!”

Great day of ministry with people here in PR. Our kids are awesome, and the twelve from Minnesota are great too. A good mix.


One response to “Esta Bien

  1. Thank you for the update. It sounds like our children are indeed tools of the Lord’s hands, but I am sure the people they are encountering are equally being used as tools impacting our kids lives. So thankful to all who made this trip possible.

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