April 2 – Our Faith Conflicts with the World by…

It goes without saying teenage years are of the hardest years we may ever overcome. We are tested on a daily basis against anything we believe in. Finding your place in the world, and discovering who you are as a person is exhausting. So when you ask a group of ninth grade girls how their faith conflicts with the world, there are a zillion answers. I am proud to see the girls admit where they struggle, and share stories of how their faith is stronger than ever.
The most common response was peer pressure. Is it “cool” to worship and love God? Wouldn’t a sleepover be a more exciting way to spend a Sunday morning? Do you look ridiculous praying before your meal at school? The more people question you about your faith, the harder it is. You hear the thoughts and feelings of peers, and start to wonder what it is like to have no faith at all. The truth is, these girls know their place in the kingdom of God, and they work hard every day to thrive in their faith.
What about the media? There are stereotypes that have made it difficult for people to stick to their faith. We are given celebrities who are supposed to be role models, yet they are not the best people all the time.
The other answer, which made complete sense, was contradicting scientific fact. These girls are learning about evolution as they study science. One of them mentioned that she would like to pursue science. She finds it difficult to respond to people when they ask if she believes in evolution because of her religion. She goes on to explain that people who do not go to church have a vision of those of us who do. Does the bible have to be taken so literally? As she views the world, she sees a small opening for miracles, yet she still sees the work of God around her every single day.
So yes, our faith constantly conflicts with the world. We are sometimes given expectations of who we should be, and it gives us very little space to be the Godly people we truly want or hope to be. So, stay tuned this spring as these girls share their faith statements and expand on this topic.

– Kelsie Bockelie, Rachel Enger, Carly McGuire, Emily Ormbrek, Lia Slotten, and Jessica Voigt

2 responses to “April 2 – Our Faith Conflicts with the World by…

  1. WOW! I’m sending this on. I think you-team should publish. This gets printed for copies to take-along. Thank you, dear Gals!!

  2. It’s great that you are grounding your beliefs early, because these issues do not disappear with adulthood. How many of us adults say grace over a business lunch? Bless you girls for your willingness to struggle!

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