March 24 – When I have Trials, God Gives Me…

When I have trials God gives me tools to help me work through and move on.

When my daughters white blood count was low and the specialists didn’t know why the doctors recommended a bone marrow test for more information.  They told me this on the phone and after a few questions I hung up then wailed and cried in fear. After 10 minutes of lamenting, my fear was spent and I prayed to God for my daughters body and health, strength for me and guidance for the doctors.  God gave me calm for myself and my child.  He gave me peace when people tried to jump steps and talk about the worst case scenario.  He gave me strength to prepare my daughter and be with her during the procedure, and finally patience to wait for results.

The test showed she did not have cancer.  Had the test been different I, believe I would have used those tools again. Lamentation, prayer, calm, strength, patience and peace for my family and me.  These tools work when the trail is something I have created.  When I have dug my hole and realize my mistakes then I stop digging,lament, and pray. God gives me calm, peace and the strength to say sorry and crawl myself out of my hole.  He gives me strength to fill in and fix the hole and the patience to wait for others to forgive me.

-Ann Daly


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