March 18 – A story of how I have been served or served someone else

Two disciples were walking on the road to Emmaus, talking, filled with grief and fear, and Jesus joined them.  They didn’t recognize him.  I know that Jesus walks with me every day, keeps me safe from all sorts of dangers, big and small, helps me solve problems and make decisions, but when do I “see” Jesus?

I see Jesus in those who gently care for others.  When I was teaching I saw Him all the time, especially in the people who care for special needs students.  I see Him on Mondays when I work at a hot meal program at a local church in the people who serve and the people served.   But sometimes I forget to look.

A friend and I were walking to the ferry in Seattle, trying to avoid some panhandlers on a crowded corner.  As I passed one man, he said, “smile, lady.  Jesus loves you.”

I did smile and turned to him and said,  “thanks for reminding me.  He loves you, too.

I don’t know if his scruffy face was a reflection of Jesus–I don’t know if my face was a reflection of Jesus.  But I do know I need to keep looking for Jesus in the faces I meet because sometimes I do see Him walking with us, blessing us through others.

 -Donna Hammargren


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