March 17 A story of how I have been served or served someone else is…

John 13:  Serving other people, or being served…

Accepting help, or service, from other people can sometimes be difficult.  Often, we are too prideful or stubborn to admit we need help. To ask for assistance can feel humbling.  However, once you accept it, you discover the fact that it really is ok to need other people.

My car had issues, again.  One Saturday while driving to the library in Bremerton, the engine went into full blast overheat mode, and we barely limped into the parking lot. There, a kind stranger examined the motor and suggested possible causes that I could explore when I had it examined in the shop.

After towing it to Firestone, I was informed it would be around $5300 for a new engine. This is DEFINITELY not a sum of money I keep sitting around in the cookie jar, so I was really depressed and moped around the house.   I did NOT want to deal with searching for and buying another car. Martha was the next person to help me, convincing me to get up and do something!  I admitted that she was correct; I needed to ask for some help on this.  A call to church for help had a quick response from PJ, who knew that Dori Pitt’s son liked to work on cars.  She helped me contact Paul, and I arranged to deliver the troublesome vehicle to his garage.  He is searching for an engine, and then Nate, he, & I will install it. This is something neither Nate nor I had ever done, and I am actually excited about it!  Also, I’m excited about saving a few thousand dollars, too!

Meanwhile, Martha had put out the word for help, and had a quick response from her Principal.  Patty, it turns out, had a truck they weren’t using at the time, and they were willing to lend it to me!

Takeaway from all this-sometimes, you really need to admit you need help, and be gracious enough to accept it.

-Greg Patterson


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