March 12 – Jesus has seen me through a hard time by…

Quotable quotes, pithy sayings, words of wisdom — I love them all!  My love affair with the written word began before kindergarten or so my mother says.  I have always loved to read and while I cannot claim to have the broadest collection of books on my shelves, I do find it interesting to read what other people sometimes have going on in their heads.

Sometimes, we can see into another person’s perspective, not by what they say, but by what they find interesting enough to quote.  For instance, a gentleman in my workplace sends out a quote of the week.  Sometime he quotes people I have heard of and sometimes he doesn’t, but I always find them interesting because they give me a little insight into the direction of his thoughts.  Right now I have two of them pinned to my bulletin board as reminders, one from Helen Keller and the other from Doug Firebaugh.  Each one resonated within me and had a message for me.

That’s how Jesus sometimes helps me through a hard time.  The Holy Spirit nudges me with words and phrases that catch my eye and speak to me.  When I’m having a hard time making positive changes I know need to be made, the quote that came last week “Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow,” reminds me to focus on one step at a time.  Seeing these written words for what they are – encouragement from God – helps get me through some rough days, hard weeks and times when it feels like nothing is going right.

One of my favorite poems/psalms to read and share with others experiencing a difficult time is written by St. Augustine of Hippo.  I cannot even remember where I first read the passage, but I copied it onto a small piece of notepaper and stuck it in my bible, where it still is today.  Its heartfelt cry to “throw yourself on the Lord!” has often sent me to my knees to pour out my immediate concern to God and find relief in sharing the burden with Him.  I share it with you now, hoping that when you next experience a time of grief, hurt, pain, anger, frustration or any other emotion, you might remember the essence of it and throw yourself on the Lord.

Do not be afraid to throw yourself on the Lord!

He will not draw back and let you fall!

Put your worries aside and throw yourself on Him;

He will welcome you and heal you. 

-St. Augustine of Hippo  

-Jane Rasely


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