March 7 – I Get Marked with Ashes Because…

John 10:1-18

This scripture lesson in the book of John sum’s up the central message of the Bible.  It is good that the Word of God contains so many wonderful stories and lessons as well as the central theme messages that help us to better understand our Creator and the guidance for life that he has set out for us.

The Bible was certainly central in the life of Martin Luther.  It is interesting to read about how the Bible’s importance developed during his life.  Prior to entering the university, Luther’s exposure to scripture was very limited and consisted mainly of the scripture lessons in church services.  Whole Bibles were very rare.  His first encounter with one was probably in his university library where the single copy was actually chained in place to keep it from being stolen.  When he first started reading this Bible, he was astounded at how much more content was in the Bible than he had been exposed to. His fascination with the whole scripture led him to become a professor who taught the Bible and eventually resulted in the Reformation.

Today we are blessed to have ready access to the Bible in various translations and with commentaries to help us better understand things, like the culture of the time, to expand our understanding.  Daily Bible reading is one of the most important activities we can pursue, especially reading sections such as whole chapters or groups of chapters over a period of weeks.  God help us to listen to you daily.

-Bill Hahn


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