The Lenten Devotional – Ash Wednesday

Over the next six weeks, we will be adding a devotional each day from someone at Silverdale Lutheran. It is a way to take time to read the perspective of another while also reflecting on our own answers to the developed prompts.

Our first devotional comes from Pastor Bill in response to the prompt: ” I get marked with ashes because…”

When I think of Ash Wednesday I think about the beginning of Lent— a 40 day season of discipline and preparation to celebrate Easter.  Confessing our sins and receiving the ashes start the journey by confronting us with our mortality and total dependence on God in Christ.  The ashes of Ash Wednesday keep me from being puffed up and destroy the illusion that I’m fine on my own.  Although a very serious day,  is also filled with hope. Ashes are a cleaning agent and they also remind me of my baptism and the promise that God has breathed God’s Spirit into my life.  This day does what God’s Word does – puts to death and raises up.  Thanks be to God for Ash Wednesday.


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