What is your WORD?

            How is it going with your theme word for 2014?  Last Sunday, I encouraged you to choose a word to be your theme for the year.  Is there a word or a short phrase that you would like to influence your life this year?  In the story we read about Jesus, we heard Come and See repeated.  As Jesus calls you every day to come and see what he is offering you, what word would you like to inform what you are offering back to the world?

            My word is embrace.  I chose embrace because I am a person who makes lots of lists and loves to plan for the future, and I believe I need to be better about living in the now.  I want to embrace my kids and the wonderful stages they are all living.  I want to embrace my work and the opportunity I have to add some hours to my time at SLC.  I want to embrace my health and living in the northwest.

            My word was put to the test the other day when someone talked to me about something that was bothering her that I had done.  Before I had chosen embrace, I might have heard what she said as judging me and I might have allowed it to make me re-think what I had thought was an event that went really well.  But instead, I decided to just embrace what she said.  She had some good points.  I did not agree with everything but I did agree with some things.  So I embraced HER opinion and also embraced my own.  There is room for both.  What a revelation.

            What is your word for 2014?  I have heard some great ones.  Be aware, imperfect, nurture, enough, slow down, dare, listen…. Come and see the life Jesus wants for you—a life where you love God and love each other.  Let that Word inspire your faith this new year!

Blessings on your story,

Pastor Paula


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