Connecting with Women, Connecting with God


by Carissa Robideaux

Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t. The first time I ever heard of Women of Faith was after a return trip from one of my friends who attended the Women of Faith conference in Seattle. Her review: “Life changing!” My first Women of Faith event was last year in Portland, where I too experienced that “life changing” sentiment after listening to the life stories of some amazingly gifted and courageous speakers. For me, I discovered that I was healed in ways I didn’t even know I needed healing.

The individual experience can indeed be powerful, but as many things I’ve found in life, it’s not so much what you do, but who you do it with. I had the privilege of sharing my Women of Faith experience with one of my dearest girlfriends who I hadn’t seen in 10 years, and to say that it was amazing would be an understatement. What’s not to love about a weekend of faith and praise, tax-free shopping, non-kid friendly restaurants and girlfriend bonding time?! So, it was with great anticipation that I looked forward to returning this year to Portland for a similarly inspiring journey.

For those who don’t know, Women of Faith is a Christian based organization that hosts weekend events in various cities across the United States, bringing thousands of women together for worship, prayer, music, laughter, inspiration, and healing. Approximately 8,000 women filled the Moda Center in Portland over the past weekend, and my girlfriend Angi and I were amongst them.

Women of Faith has a varied program integrating comedy, art, music and deeply gifted speakers all with the focus of giving glory to our God. This is a place to experience God! You can imagine the difficulty to put into words the emotions and messages that are present at an event like this, in fact I rightly can’t. Luckily Patsy Clairmont was one the speakers over the past weekend, and I have her words to help me out. She said, “Take a risk. You are more than you know.” I would encourage each of us to approach life each day this way. When you make yourself truly open and available to God – that is when you really have the opportunity to find out how much more you are.

So, maybe taking a risk will be going to a Women of Faith event in the future, maybe it’s signing up for a poetry class like Patsy Clairmont did, maybe it’s calling a friend or family member that you’ve become disconnected with, or maybe it’s letting yourself be vulnerable with a friend or your spouse. I know you’ll think of something.

Perhaps you won’t have the chance to make it to a Women of Faith event this year, but you do have an opportunity to gather with women from your community and church at the upcoming SLC Women’s Day Retreat! If you are searching for a way to connect beyond a casual conversation or sharing the peace on Sunday, please consider joining us! The SLC Woman’s Day Retreat will be held at the Seabeck Conference Center on October 18th, from 9am-4pm. Registration forms are available here or in the Narthex.

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