Final Days



Since our group is separated into different work groups each day, I can only post pictures of what OUR particular work group is doing.  Previously, you saw pics from us working on the Sun Dance Lodge that has now been built and is being used by those who have been approved to dance.  The empty camp that holds the lodge and several teepees is now filling up with many who will pray and sing over the next four days.   Some of our kids got a chance to participate in some very sacred rituals that are part of this prayerful celebration that has only been open to non-Natives for the last ten years.  Our work group, however, got to have a much more light hearted day as we played with local kids at Water Day.  This day started out as an organized event until the water balloons started flying and buckets started getting tossed around.  Then all heaven broke loose as everyone got soaking wet.  The pic above is just a tiny corner of this epic water fight.  It was great to connect with these kids who have been hanging on our youth the last several days.  The picture below is all of us trying to dry off before we take all these wet kids home.


On Wednesday, we got the chance to go into Glacier.  We parked at a lake near the Southeast entrance and had a great pizza dinner.  After pizza and some gift shopping, we had our devotional time in one of the greatest God-made cathedrals you could ever imagine.  The pics below are relatively the same, but one has no people and the other worshipping people.  After worship and clean up, we headed down to a short waterfall hike as the sun began to drop in the west.  The whole way there we were racing a massive thunderstorm, but it thankfully skirted the park and gave us beautiful sun rays instead of rain and lightning.  The last picture is from a spot above the falls where we could see for what seemed like thousands of miles.





All in all this has been a powerful trip as we have experienced great hospitality from the Blackfeet people.  This was an amazing week to come, especially from a cultural standpoint, and once again our kids are setting the standard.  Thanks to parents, prayer partners and others.  As we washed one another’s feet tonight, tears of joy and connection poured out as another time of service to our neighbor came to a close.  Up to the Sun Dance for some tomorrow, while others head to Glacier NP again, and we all meet up for rafting. WHEW!






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